Our Wheatgrass Is Ready For December, Are You?

Array of wheatgrass

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” unless your immune system is run down!

Christmas is always a great time to look back at the year and decide what changes to make to one’s life. Whether that is eating more healthily, exercising or spending more time with family and friends. They all require one thing in common: a strong immune system to get us through the stress and chaos of planning for the holidays.

The growing process, you can’t rush this.

At Warren’s Wheatgrass, we have been exceedingly busy. Autumn was a warm one so the harvest last month was a bumper one. With over 1000 organic wheatgrass shots a week being juiced, the fabulous supply of organic frozen wheatgrass is ready to deliver now. As Warren’s Wheatgrass Juice Shots are all grown by hand and organic, you can’t rush things. Which is why this process takes planning and time. With a careful schedule of soaking, planting, growing and cutting, after all this is key to our juicy sweet wheatgrass.

No chemicals, no machinery cutting just good old fashioned TLC, which is why we have the CAAE stamp to assure you of our quality.

Visit the farm, outside of course!

When all the restrictions have been lifted, we look forward to welcoming small groups of customers back to the farm, to see for themselves the wonderful process from seed to juicing. Currently we have 240 trays on the go, so it’s a full-on day just watering! They start off inside on day 1 until day 5/6 to ensure they have maximum protection. After this time they are transferred outside into the glorious Andalucian sunshine until day 12/14. Depending on how sunny and how quick they grow, this is when the cutting and juicing takes place. This is nature after all so it has a mind of its own and can’t be forced!

If you haven’t ever tried our frozen wheatgrass, you are missing out!!! Why not drop us a line and arrange a collection of our 7 shot trial bag worth €17.50. Mixed with your morning juice, it will have your immune system up and running on full steam in no time! Which is just what we all need right now, after all, who wants to be ill over Christmas holidays!!

You can follow us on  Instagram for all the latest news, events and offers, so you never miss out!

Have a great December, and Stay Green!

Warren (the wheatgrass guru!)

Your Metabolism & The Joys of Getting Old!

Lady drinking green juice

The role of metabolism as we age is something we don’t actually want to talk about if the truth is known. However, this time will come to us all, so it’s best to be fully armed.

Energy, muscles and those dreaded wrinkles.

So you were carefree and ate what you wanted back in the day. However, some common concerns many people have as they get older are a lack of energy, wrinkles, muscle deterioration and post-injury recovery. The truth is we cannot truly fight nature, but we can make the ageing process more natural, enjoyable and healthier.

Metabolism is such an essential factor for our older generations. With advancing years, our metabolic process does not work as well as when we were younger. We do not digest and process the nutrients from food efficiently, which might cause blood sugar levels to increase, especially after eating a meal. The skin loses it’s elasticity as we age. Hours spent on a beach will catch up! It calls for a better diet to replenish those damaged cells, and try and keep the digestive system working effectively.

How to kickstart your metabolism naturally.

The good news is there are general health tips that can improve the situation:

Cardio exercise for 30 mins a day, five times a week will improve your metabolic system. Even if this means parking the car a few blocks away so your walk to the office or coffee shop, this all helps to get a brisk walk in.

Strengthening your muscles by lifting weights, doing push-ups and sit-ups or performing resistance band exercises twice a week will also stimulate your metabolic system. They are all simple exercises you can do in your own home, without gym equipment, just a couple of litre water bottles will do the trick!

A healthy diet with fewer processed carbohydrates is a must. It is essential to eat a well-balanced diet, containing all the food groups in their recommended amounts. Consider the following as appropriate choices: salads, lean meat, vegetables, whole grains and pulses, preferably organic and in season.

Drinking plenty of water, vegetable and fruit juice, and herbal teas will benefit not only your metabolic rate, but also other aspects, such as lowering cholesterol and hydrating your colon which helps towards clearer skin.

A regular sleeping pattern plays a vital role in defying the ageing process. As we grow older it gets harder to obtain the perfect uninterrupted sleep. Avoiding, blue lights before bed, such as TV screens, computers etc. is crucial, as is avoiding caffeine at night and naps in the afternoon. Keeping your bedroom cool, dark and quiet with fresh air will contribute to better sleep.

The wonders of wheatgrass and your metabolism.

Wheatgrass juice is a nutrient-dense juice that can help boost your metabolism, because it absorbed very fast, is very low in calories and contains no fat. Regular consumption aids in the stimulation of the thyroid gland, which boosts metabolism, provides you with more energy and boosts your immune system.

Remember we dehydrate when sleeping, so add the air conditioning to this and you will wake up dehydrated before your day has even begun. Always try and drink at least 500ml of water before anything else,to rehydrate your body, before you hit that morning espresso!

Most importantly…

There is nothing wrong with growing old graciously. The secret is to start looking after yourself as early as you can and not leave it too late, so there is more damage to repair! I have been drinking wheatgrass juice for many years and believe me, people never correctly guess my age, perhaps because I’m always full of beans!

So, look after yourself and stay green!

Assel (Pretty Greens Co-Founder)

Can You Give Wheatgrass To Pets – Yes You Can!

Dog eating wheatgrass

You, Your Furry Friends And Wheatgrass

Lots of people ask can you give wheatgrass to your pets? the simple answer to this is YES!

Let’s face it, how many times have you seen cats and dogs gorging themselves on grass?  This shows just what clever creatures they really are.  Eating grass helps them to feel better when they’re not feeling themselves, acting like a ‘green doctor’.  

Life in the city is fun but where’s the grass?

Sadly, with so much urbanisation, there is less grassland for them to use, especially during the summer months in Spain when the grass is usually dry and baron in the campo.  Much of the available grass is sprayed with chemicals (fertilisers and pesticides) to grow better. And of course, when animals poo on the grass, they leave some parasites behind, which could be consumed, when chewing on grass, yes let’s not go there!!!

Convenience foods are not just fed to humans.

Animals are no different to humans in terms of their diets; the better the diet they have, the better quality and longer life they will enjoy.  Regrettably, like busy humans, many of our pets eat highly processed food which is lacking in nutrients.  Fortunately, wheatgrass is the perfect safe and natural solution, as it contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and chlorophyll, and luckily pets seem to like the taste.  We like to think of it as the Michelin Star grass for pets!

We all need to look after our gut health, even pets too!

There are many amazing benefits for our little furry friends of eating wheatgrass, such as blood cleansing, immunity-boosting and wound healing, and they also won’t need to chew up your garden, now that’s a bonus!!!

Wheatgrass is one of the best, most nutrient-rich and cleansing natural supplements that you can add to your pets’ diet. The enzymes help with digesting food and constipation, which leads to greater energy levels. As wheatgrass has antiseptic properties, consuming it, helps with odours, especially if you have a really smelly dog, again let’s not go into too much detail! 😉.

Easier than giving greens to your child.

Administering your wheatgrass shot can be simple as dropping it in their mouth to eat whilst frozen after all our dog loves ice cubes especially on a hot summers day. You can also add it in a powder form but we prefer freshly cut grass or drop the shot in their water bowl to melt or let defrost and add to their food.

We started to give our dog wheatgrass juice a few months back and have seen amazing progress in her energy levels.  Which as she is pushing the years on the calendar (currently in her 15th year) is such a bonus, she’s now a puppy at heart and still looking great. 😊

If you fancy trying our organic wheatgrass for your dog, cat or even a rabbit, we are always happy to give a free shot for you to try, especially if your pet is not feeling well. You can also buy online our bag of 7 wheatgrass shots, so perfect as a boost whilst they are recovering from surgery or illness. Please call us at the farm on 602677309 to arrange your collection.

All those school exam memories came back to pass the CAAE Organic Certification.

Organic Certified stamp

We are writing this story because we wanted to share with you, the journey towards receiving organic certification, known as CAAE. To say shouting from the farm rooftop, is a massive understatement! So, what is CAAE and why did Pretty Greens do it.

How it all started

We never dreamt that we would be huge believers and supporters of the organic industry. However, when Warren was faced with health issues, we both decided to change our lifestyle, which is when we discovered organic, healthy and ethically sourced food.

From the outset, we decided that we would only make organic wheatgrass juice. The first wheatgrass seeds that we planted on our balcony had to be organic ones. Having both had many discussions and heard different views on organic versus non-organic over the years, that it is a very thorough and tough process to become an organically certified business.

Exam day or rather the Inspector Calls…

From the moment Pretty Greens applied for certification, little did we know how difficult and time consuming it would be to achieve? The documentation to provide was exhaustive and had to prove Pretty Greens were following all the correct rules and regulations, which took several different inspections. Now looking back, it puts minds at peace about the authenticity of products with the CAAE label, that people purchase for their family consumption.

It took several months to prepare the whole package of paperwork, from health and safety inspections to the organic provenance of all our suppliers. Very excited but at the same time a bit nervous when we were advised of the date the inspector was coming to check out our little farm. The inspector’s job was to be very thorough, slightly intimidating, to say the least, but nonetheless very polite, We now know how a restaurant owner must feel when Gordon Ramsey comes to eat, you just never know which way it will go! With butterflies in our stomachs, the day was like being back at school in a science exam, showing the whole process: of soaking the seeds, growing, juicing and packing, all under the beady eyes of the examiner! No pressure at all!!!

The man from CAAE says YES!

We cannot describe how over the moon we were when the inspector announced we had passed!!! It felt like getting an A* at school!! We were so happy we just wanted to hug Maria and Alexandro from CAAE to say thank you for all their support during the whole process. It’s not easy but definitely worth it!

The organic certification journey made me realise that the purpose of this industry is to make people healthier. Making the food free of pesticides, genetically modified food, growth hormones and antibiotics. It is also about making our future sustainable and environmentally supportive. Yes, it is more expensive but there is a reason for this, one that we welcome our customers to come and see for themselves at the farm. Like most luxuries in life, they are not mass-produced and come in small packages!

There is a very limited amount of organic land left now, all the original seeds grown there are highly valued because of this limitation. With more people supporting the movement by changing their habits and buying more organic food, can help local farmers to bring the cost down. This will, in turn, make ‘organic’ more affordable to a wider range of consumers, not just those with an above-average weekly shopping budget. So pass this on to your friends and family to raise the food standards for those you love.

Learn, share and make the change for a better future.

Next time you see an item with the CAAE Organic mark, think about the care and attention that has gone into that product, to ensure you and your family consume only the best products available.

CAAE The sign of certified organic food.

If you would like to visit the farm and see how our organic wheatgrass is grown, from seed to sip, drop us a line and book your visit, after all, we love talking to the grass but talking to our customers is even better!

With love,

Stay Green!!

The Hidden Powers Of B Vitamins And Where To Find Them

Green leafy vegetable mix

Most people know about vitamin C but how much do you know about vitamin B?

A vitamin is an organic molecule that is a crucial micronutrient for healthy working metabolism. Vitamins are water-soluble or fat-soluble. People have 13 vitamins in their body, four fat-soluble (A, D, E, K) and nine water-soluble (8 B vitamins and vitamin C). The names say it all, water-soluble vitamins dilute in water and perspired from our system. Fat-soluble vitamins enter our body via the intestinal tract with the help of fats.

In this blog, we want to talk about B vitamins. They help to convert carbohydrates into glucose, which turns into energy. Also, B vitamins are necessary for cell production to make new DNA cells.

There are eight types of vitamin B:

Thiamin (B1)

Riboflavin (B2)

Niacin (B3)

Pantothenic acid (B5)

Pyridoxine (B6)

Biotin (B7)

Folate or Folic acid (B9)

Cobalamin (B12)

Luckily, this group of vitamins can be found in many foods, but can also be destroyed when cooked or taken whilst consuming alcohol. This is why when you read on the packaging of bread, cereal and other products that extra B vitamins have been added due to the loss in processing. Processed foods can lose the nutrients and vitamins hence why they are not ideal to consume regularly.

Each vitamin B plays a major role in a certain biological process.

B1, for example, is super involved in the release of energy from carbohydrates and the production of RNA and DNA.

B2 is essential in the catabolism (breaking down) of fatty acids.

B3 plays a vital role in the metabolism of alcohol, fat, and glucose.

B5 oxygenates fatty acids and carbs and also participates in the synthesis of cholesterol, steroid hormones and antibodies.

B6 is involved in different enzyme reactions, mainly in amino acid metabolism.

B7 is key in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids (non-water-soluble fatty acids).

B9 helps in the production of red blood cells and is involved in cell division, especially during the pregnancy period and infancy, when the cells grow very fast.

B12 is necessary for producing blood cells in the bone marrow.

B vitamins are essential for women during their pregnancy and breastfeeding. The correct amount of B vitamins reduces the risk of defects in birth and makes sure that the foetal brain is developing correctly.

The body requires sufficient amounts of vitamin B to maintain high energy levels, healthy cells, healthy nerve function, cholesterol and hormone production, a good heart condition, muscle tone and healthy digestion.

Vitamin B deficiency and those who are high risk.

If you fall into any of the following categories, you should consider checking your vitamin B levels. Those over 50, pregnant, people who suffer from certain illnesses or are vegan/vegetarian need to be extra careful. Also, anyone who does not eat enough fresh, green produce, are also vulnerable to vitamin B deficiency. If it’s on the low side, discuss with a medical professional and try to increase your intake by consuming more natural foods. These include spinach, kale, avocados, chickpeas, kidney and black beans, as well as nuts, seeds, beets, potatoes, whole grains (preferably from a good local organic source). You could also consider a vitamin supplement but we recommend only the highest quality, made from natural, plant-based ingredients.

vitamins are vital keys in brain work, cell metabolism and energy production. We are pleased to say that each shot of wheatgrass juice contains the WHOLE SPECTRUM of B vitamins, available to you in the most natural form. Why not consider joining our Juice Club and start your vitamin boost journey today!


Drinking Wheatgrass Juice For Sport

wheatgrass and sport

We all want to be healthy, feel fit and look toned!  

There are a lot of statistics and talk about obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, we want to share our knowledge about wheatgrass for sport, and how easy it is to gain and maintain vitality, energy and health.

Drinking plenty of water, sleeping, mental strength and discipline are so important for people who have an active physical lifestyle. But the most crucial part is to have a well-balanced diet. This means cutting down on processed foods, alcohol and genetically modified products. These include cakes, biscuits, ready meals, fast food takeaways and fizzy drinks. Here are some of the finer details of drinking wheatgrass for sports.

Nowadays many athletes from gym junkies to tennis players try to have a healthy diet. Athletes need a lot of calories and nutrients to support their physical well-being. This is why wheatgrass juice is becoming more and more popular in the sports world as it is extremely high in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals which are perfect to fuel up the body, prevent injuries and help the body heal itself very quickly. Wheatgrass juice for sports is seen as the most popular “natural” supplement in the health market right now.

Wheatgrass juice consumed while working out will benefit greatly. It’s full of nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, vitamins A, C, E, K and group B which provide you with the energy that you need.

Magnesium is a must-have mineral for our muscle contractions and a healthy heart.

Potassium in conjunction with sodium (salt) helps maintain muscle contraction, especially when you lose electrolytes. A major reason for muscle cramps is loss of salt in the body.

B vitamins play an important role in turning carbohydrates into glucose which also gives more energy.

Chlorophyll improves the oxygen level in the body during and after exercising.

Amino acids (protein) are essential for cell growth and work to rebuild muscle tissue. Amino acids can be found in eggs, meat, dairy, soy, tofu, buckwheat and quinoa.

Taking a shot of wheatgrass juice before running, will boost your energy. It also helps to speed up the process of detoxing. When running, the muscles require oxygen to power that person forward. The oxygen creates energy and boosts your performance. Efficient blood flow helps improve your stamina and strength.

Chlorophyll and all the other nutrients in a wheatgrass shot provides you with an incredible amount of oxygen.

Gallic acid is a powerful antioxidant that can help in preventing inflammation, which all runners worry about. Gallic acid is found in bananas, vinegar, grapes, tea leaves, witch hazel, cloves, watercress, strawberries, and a variety of other herbs and plant foods.

Bodybuilders and martial artists are aware of the importance of fueling the body with a boost of minerals, proteins, enzymes and antioxidants. It is known that consumption of wheatgrass juice on an empty stomach is much faster than eating a big amount of veg or fruits. Therefore, more and more gyms and sports organisations, including Olympic contestants are drinking wheatgrass juice in their daily diet.

Wheatgrass improves your general health, detoxifies your body, restores your muscles, increases endurance, boosts your energy and speeds up your recovery rate.

If you want to improve your next gym or running session, order your wheatgrass online today and make your workout go that extra mile!

Stay Green, Stay Healthy!

The Pretty Greens Team

P.S. why not join our juice club today? Visit Juice Club to find out more…

How To Have A Healthy Mind & Body To Make You Unstoppable

Happy Healthy Girls Laughing

6 Easy Steps To Start Today

How often do you hear people saying that they wished they were healthy so they could truly enjoy their lives every single day? The thing is, it’s actually very easy if you follow some simple mind, dietary and physical rules. We would like to share a few tips that could help you to introduce and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Positive Mental Attitude

We highly recommend having a Positive Mental Attitude (known as PMA) first thing in the morning.  There are courses that teach you how to achieve this, however start with some basics thoughts that anyone can do, today. As soon as you wake up, be thankful for another beautiful day and visualise it going smoothly, full of good news, laughter and success. It´s your intention which makes your day become wonderful and productive, so remember YOU ARE the glass half FULL, not half empty!

2. Start Your Day With Juice

Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water, what could be more simple and quick than some warm water with half a squeezed lemon!  Lemon water helps to maintain the body’s pH balance, digestive system and also contains antibacterial properties.  Just be mindful to brush your teeth once you have finished it, as we all know, lemon is acidic to teeth!

Morning is the best time for drinking fruit or vegetable juices as they will assimilate more efficiently on an empty stomach. There are so many different recipes available nowadays and juicing is the best natural way to boost your immune system and health in all areas.  See our recipes on Facebook or Instagram for some great ideas for healthy juices.

3. Take Time Out To Meditate & Be Mindful

A quick morning meditation is a fantastic way to boost your motivation, along with your spiritual and energetic levels. Go on YouTube and type “10 mins morning meditation” and you will be surprised how many easy and interesting things you will find. Try to stick to it and you will definitely see the difference within one month, we guarantee you!

4. Power Walk Your Way To Health

Any sort of physical exercise (yoga, running, dancing, gym or even power walking) on a regular basis helps you to maintain a healthy physical body, supplies your muscle tissues with oxygen and strengthens your endurance level, all great for contributing to the immune system. The weekly recommended amount of exercise for an adult is 150 minutes of moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, yoga and even pushing a lawnmower!

5. Live, Love, LAUGH!

A laugh a day is all it takes. Try reading five jokes a day is another little tip we would like to give to you. Laughter is another natural way to boost your health and mood. It helps to release the endorphins, your body’s natural ‘happy’ chemicals. Laughter is known to reduce stress levels and increases the blood flow, which can decrease the chances of heart attacks. It also helps exercise the facial muscles, keeping you looking younger too!

6. You Are What You Eat, REALLY.

A healthy diet is one of the key parts to having a healthy body. There are so many articles, research studies and recommendations on this matter. However, we are all different and not every diet is suitable for everyone.  A balanced diet is the key! More fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses, nuts and seeds will benefit you the most. Try to purchase local and seasonal products. Not only will they be better for you, but you will also help to sustain local farmers and small businesses.  The addition of any superfoods into your diet will boost your vitamin intake. Where possible use real food for this instead of supplements. Wheatgrass juice is one of the most nutritious superfoods that exist on the market, plus it is easy to add to your daily routine.

That’s more than enough for now, but we have so much to share with you in the future so follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep your new PMA on a daily basis.

Yours Assel and Warren


Is Wheatgrass Juice Better Than Powder

Wheatgrass Juice and Chopping Board

Juice or Powder, that is the question!

Wheatgrass is available in several different forms, but the most common ones are frozen juice and powders. Exactly which one is better, is a popular question among healthy eaters. It all depends on people’s personal opinion, different lifestyles and of course affordability.

The Juice

Logical and critical thinking dictates that frozen wheatgrass juice is much better, as it is cut, juiced and immediately flash frozen. It contains nearly all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals required on a daily basis. However, it is the most expensive on the market, especially if it is organically grown like ours.

The Powder

The wheatgrass powder is made from either ground whole leaf or from freeze dried juice. Both powders have completely different methods of production. The first one is self-explanatory, as the blades are ground and turned into powder, which is the cheapest version available. However, It is argued that it has less vitamins and minerals than freeze dried juice (a more concentrated form) but it has more protein (amino acids) and fibre.

The Source

No matter what form you choose to take as your natural supplement, it is important to know the source of the product. Therefore, It is wise to read about the company. Including how and where it is produced and ethically with the best organic soil, seeds and filtered water. 

TAKEAWAY: Frozen juice contains more nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as it is not subjected to being heated and processed. Powders are widely available, easy to carry and inexpensive.

In our opinion EVERYONE should consume wheatgrass, in any form that is available and affordable to them. Many customers have joined the Juice Club, for easy delivery to ensure they are taking wheatgrass juice as a part of their daily diet, helping them stay energetic and healthy.  Why not join today.

Our mission and purpose is to help people enjoy their lives, by having continual vibrant health, no matter what their age.

Stay Green!

Assel & Warren x

Can Children Drink Wheatgrass Juice

Child drinking wheatgrass

Children and consuming anything green.

Children are not known for their love of anything green, let’s face it, who was as a child! Our 11 year old is no different, she used to take it only when she was feeling under the weather, however now she manages a half shot daily! 

In a world of fast food and busy lifestyles, we need to ensure our children get the right amount of vitamins, minerals and balanced diet. To help maintain a healthy body, and immune system for growth this can sometime be tricky with picky eaters.

Wheatgrass is a Superfood.

Wheatgrass is a true superfood.  Not only does it include 14 vitamins and over 90 minerals and micro-elements, it also includes 18 amino acids, 13 enzymes and 6 phytochemicals.  These help boost the immune system and increase energy levels…before you panic and say “my child is energetic enough” this all goes towards a healthy body and ensures sleep is as beneficial as possible to help with their growth.

How much do I give my child.

The beauty of wheatgrass is that as a natural plant, it can be taken in many different ways.  In juice form is best, and for children we recommend half a shot added to apple juice to allow the child to adapt to the taste.

Wheatgrass has huge benefits for children, not only does it maintain a healthy blood pressure, avoid gaining excess weight, it also helps in teenage years to improve their skin and active lifestyle.

Here are some simple tips to help introduce wheatgrass to your child.

How much and how best to add wheatgrass to your child’s diet.

Half a wheatgrass shot on its own is all that is required for younger children (pre teen).

Drinking wheatgrass juice on its own is the simplest way to consume.  Half a shot per day will ensure your child has a good dose of recommended vitamins and minerals each day.

Make your own juices

Encourage your child to mix their own juice or smoothie and add the half shot to their creation. Have fun with your little ones, teach them how to make healthy drinks that they can use for the rest of their life.

Healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Introducing wheatgrass into a child’s diet is one of the best ways to improve their health. It also encourages healthy habits for life. Wheatgrass has an acquired taste that takes getting used to.  However, once they get over the initial taste, it is one of the best supplements and plants to include in the diet of children of all ages. Wheatgrass is perfectly safe for children over the age of two to consume. Although the biggest negative, if you can call it that, is the actual taste for children.  As with any change of diet, you should always go by what your body is telling you.  Therefore, if the smell or taste makes them feel sick, hold back and try again in a few weeks’ time. Alternatively, you could always hide a spoonful in their soup or pasta!

See our Facebook recipes or Instagram page for further nutritious ideas.

Good luck and look after your little ones too!

To order your Organic wheatgrass shots, click here or join our Juice Club for even more savings!

How We Can Help Boost Your Immune System During Lockdown

Not Today Covid 19

Dear Wheatgrass Lovers,

Following the recent lockdown across the whole of Spain, Assel and I wanted to take the time to reassure you of the actions we are taking at Pretty Greens Organic Farm , as a responsible food supplier during this uncertain time.

The health of our customers and our ourselves on the farm are of our prime concern. We are closely following the advice of the Spanish Government and the World Health Organisation and introducing a wide variety of measures to minimise the impact to public health.

The Farm

Cleaning our juicing room, shop and reception area has been intensified. We are minimising the risks by regularly sanitising hands, surfaces and maintaining a 2 metre distance when delivering to customers, including encouraging customers to place and pay for their orders online where possible. This reduces cross contamination via money etc. You can place your order directly on our website, delivery will be the same day, when ordered before 12pm. Orders placed after 12pm will be delivered the following day.

Farm visits and tasting sessions have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Online & Telephone Orders

We know that in times like these, it’s more important than ever that you are able to access the healthy food, vitamins and supplements you need. To help we have reduced the price of our 28 shot bag from €79.00 to €49.00 during this period. We shall at this time be taking orders for HOME DELIVERY ONLY, therefore please make use of the FREE HOME DELIVERY SERVICE we shall be offering during this difficult time. You can place your order here or call 602 677 309.

We will continue to monitor the situation and follow direction given by the government and will take whatever action is necessary to protect the health of our customers.

Once again thank you for your understanding and look forward to helping you build your immune systems during this stressful time.

Keep Calm & Stay Green!

Warren & Assel xx