Our Wheatgrass Is Ready For December, Are You?

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” unless your immune system is run down!

Christmas is always a great time to look back at the year and decide what changes to make to one’s life. Whether that is eating more healthily, exercising or spending more time with family and friends. They all require one thing in common: a strong immune system to get us through the stress and chaos of planning for the holidays.

The growing process, you can’t rush this.

At Warren’s Wheatgrass, we have been exceedingly busy. Autumn was a warm one so the harvest last month was a bumper one. With over 1000 organic wheatgrass shots a week being juiced, the fabulous supply of organic frozen wheatgrass is ready to deliver now. As Warren’s Wheatgrass Juice Shots are all grown by hand and organic, you can’t rush things. Which is why this process takes planning and time. With a careful schedule of soaking, planting, growing and cutting, after all this is key to our juicy sweet wheatgrass.

No chemicals, no machinery cutting just good old fashioned TLC, which is why we have the CAAE stamp to assure you of our quality.

Visit the farm, outside of course!

When all the restrictions have been lifted, we look forward to welcoming small groups of customers back to the farm, to see for themselves the wonderful process from seed to juicing. Currently we have 240 trays on the go, so it’s a full-on day just watering! They start off inside on day 1 until day 5/6 to ensure they have maximum protection. After this time they are transferred outside into the glorious Andalucian sunshine until day 12/14. Depending on how sunny and how quick they grow, this is when the cutting and juicing takes place. This is nature after all so it has a mind of its own and can’t be forced!

If you haven’t ever tried our frozen wheatgrass, you are missing out!!! Why not drop us a line and arrange a collection of our 7 shot trial bag worth €17.50. Mixed with your morning juice, it will have your immune system up and running on full steam in no time! Which is just what we all need right now, after all, who wants to be ill over Christmas holidays!!

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Have a great December, and Stay Green!

Warren (the wheatgrass guru!)

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