Can You Give Wheatgrass To Pets – Yes You Can!

You, Your Furry Friends And Wheatgrass

Lots of people ask can you give wheatgrass to your pets? the simple answer to this is YES!

Let’s face it, how many times have you seen cats and dogs gorging themselves on grass?  This shows just what clever creatures they really are.  Eating grass helps them to feel better when they’re not feeling themselves, acting like a ‘green doctor’.  

Life in the city is fun but where’s the grass?

Sadly, with so much urbanisation, there is less grassland for them to use, especially during the summer months in Spain when the grass is usually dry and baron in the campo.  Much of the available grass is sprayed with chemicals (fertilisers and pesticides) to grow better. And of course, when animals poo on the grass, they leave some parasites behind, which could be consumed, when chewing on grass, yes let’s not go there!!!

Convenience foods are not just fed to humans.

Animals are no different to humans in terms of their diets; the better the diet they have, the better quality and longer life they will enjoy.  Regrettably, like busy humans, many of our pets eat highly processed food which is lacking in nutrients.  Fortunately, wheatgrass is the perfect safe and natural solution, as it contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and chlorophyll, and luckily pets seem to like the taste.  We like to think of it as the Michelin Star grass for pets!

We all need to look after our gut health, even pets too!

There are many amazing benefits for our little furry friends of eating wheatgrass, such as blood cleansing, immunity-boosting and wound healing, and they also won’t need to chew up your garden, now that’s a bonus!!!

Wheatgrass is one of the best, most nutrient-rich and cleansing natural supplements that you can add to your pets’ diet. The enzymes help with digesting food and constipation, which leads to greater energy levels. As wheatgrass has antiseptic properties, consuming it, helps with odours, especially if you have a really smelly dog, again let’s not go into too much detail! 😉.

Easier than giving greens to your child.

Administering your wheatgrass shot can be simple as dropping it in their mouth to eat whilst frozen after all our dog loves ice cubes especially on a hot summers day. You can also add it in a powder form but we prefer freshly cut grass or drop the shot in their water bowl to melt or let defrost and add to their food.

We started to give our dog wheatgrass juice a few months back and have seen amazing progress in her energy levels.  Which as she is pushing the years on the calendar (currently in her 15th year) is such a bonus, she’s now a puppy at heart and still looking great. 😊

If you fancy trying our organic wheatgrass for your dog, cat or even a rabbit, we are always happy to give a free shot for you to try, especially if your pet is not feeling well. You can also buy online our bag of 7 wheatgrass shots, so perfect as a boost whilst they are recovering from surgery or illness. Please call us at the farm on 602677309 to arrange your collection.

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