What Are The Benefits Of Chlorophyll

The secret behind all things green

You may have heard about the healthiness of leafy green vegetables, however what really makes greens so much healthier than other foods? In many ways, they’re perfect foods with much of the credit being owed to the chlorophyll they contain. Chlorophyll is a green pigment that’s instrumental in photosynthesis. Research also suggests it’s instrumental in promoting good health.

The following 20 benefits demonstrate its amazing versatility and power.

  • 1. Helps Control Hunger and Cravings
  • 2. Controls Body Odour
  • 3. Encourages Healing/ Anti-microbial Properties
  • 4. Improves Digestive Health
  • 5. Protects DNA Against Fried Foods
  • 6. Super Potent Antioxidant Action
  • 7. Promising Potential for Cancer Therapy
  • 8. Relieves Arthritis Pain
  • 9. Improves Oral Health
  • 10. Promotes Healthy Iron Levels
  • 11. Increases Red Blood Cells
  • 12. Delays Aging
  • 13. Can Help Prevent Insomnia
  • 14. Strengthens Bones
  • 15. Adds in Blood Clotting
  • 16. Prevents Kidney Stones
  • 17. Balances Hormones
  • 18. Relief from Pancreatitis Symptoms
  • 19. Help With IBS
  • 20. Alleviates Sinusitis

Sources of Chlorophyll

It’s not very difficult to include chlorophyll in the daily diet; almost all green plants being rich in chlorophyll a. Many vegetables which are a regular part of our daily food, contain chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b.

Consumption of green vegetables is important. Arugula, wheatgrass, leeks, green beans, parsley as well as kale, garden cress, swiss chards, and spinach provide chlorophyll naturally to the body. Other sources include sprouts and blue-green algae such as chlorella and spirulina.

Overcooking of food tends to destroy its chlorophyll and magnesium content. Consuming raw foods such as our frozen wheatgrass juice or lightly steamed vegetables are the best way to get the maximum benefit.  Our wheatgrass juice contains between 4-7% chlorophyll, meanwhile also helping as an effective carrier system, used for the additional vitamins and minerals to enter the body.

You no longer have to feel that taking the time to stay healthy is an issue. Up your game to a healthy diet simply by taking our wheatgrass shots daily; first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is best, but anytime during the day works well as long as your previous meal has been digested. Alternatively you can add it to one of our smoothie recipes, because this is sure to kick-start your body with the right ph (alkaline) balance.

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Stay Green! x

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