Is Wheatgrass Juice Better Than Powder

Juice or Powder, that is the question!

Wheatgrass is available in several different forms, but the most common ones are frozen juice and powders. Exactly which one is better, is a popular question among healthy eaters. It all depends on people’s personal opinion, different lifestyles and of course affordability.

The Juice

Logical and critical thinking dictates that frozen wheatgrass juice is much better, as it is cut, juiced and immediately flash frozen. It contains nearly all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals required on a daily basis. However, it is the most expensive on the market, especially if it is organically grown like ours.

The Powder

The wheatgrass powder is made from either ground whole leaf or from freeze dried juice. Both powders have completely different methods of production. The first one is self-explanatory, as the blades are ground and turned into powder, which is the cheapest version available. However, It is argued that it has less vitamins and minerals than freeze dried juice (a more concentrated form) but it has more protein (amino acids) and fibre.

The Source

No matter what form you choose to take as your natural supplement, it is important to know the source of the product. Therefore, It is wise to read about the company. Including how and where it is produced and ethically with the best organic soil, seeds and filtered water. 

TAKEAWAY: Frozen juice contains more nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as it is not subjected to being heated and processed. Powders are widely available, easy to carry and inexpensive.

In our opinion EVERYONE should consume wheatgrass, in any form that is available and affordable to them. Many customers have joined the Juice Club, for easy delivery to ensure they are taking wheatgrass juice as a part of their daily diet, helping them stay energetic and healthy.  Why not join today.

Our mission and purpose is to help people enjoy their lives, by having continual vibrant health, no matter what their age.

Stay Green!

Assel & Warren x

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