Can Children Drink Wheatgrass Juice

Children and consuming anything green.

Children are not known for their love of anything green, let’s face it, who was as a child! Our 11 year old is no different, she used to take it only when she was feeling under the weather, however now she manages a half shot daily! 

In a world of fast food and busy lifestyles, we need to ensure our children get the right amount of vitamins, minerals and balanced diet. To help maintain a healthy body, and immune system for growth this can sometime be tricky with picky eaters.

Wheatgrass is a Superfood.

Wheatgrass is a true superfood.  Not only does it include 14 vitamins and over 90 minerals and micro-elements, it also includes 18 amino acids, 13 enzymes and 6 phytochemicals.  These help boost the immune system and increase energy levels…before you panic and say “my child is energetic enough” this all goes towards a healthy body and ensures sleep is as beneficial as possible to help with their growth.

How much do I give my child.

The beauty of wheatgrass is that as a natural plant, it can be taken in many different ways.  In juice form is best, and for children we recommend half a shot added to apple juice to allow the child to adapt to the taste.

Wheatgrass has huge benefits for children, not only does it maintain a healthy blood pressure, avoid gaining excess weight, it also helps in teenage years to improve their skin and active lifestyle.

Here are some simple tips to help introduce wheatgrass to your child.

How much and how best to add wheatgrass to your child’s diet.

Half a wheatgrass shot on its own is all that is required for younger children (pre teen).

Drinking wheatgrass juice on its own is the simplest way to consume.  Half a shot per day will ensure your child has a good dose of recommended vitamins and minerals each day.

Make your own juices

Encourage your child to mix their own juice or smoothie and add the half shot to their creation. Have fun with your little ones, teach them how to make healthy drinks that they can use for the rest of their life.

Healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Introducing wheatgrass into a child’s diet is one of the best ways to improve their health. It also encourages healthy habits for life. Wheatgrass has an acquired taste that takes getting used to.  However, once they get over the initial taste, it is one of the best supplements and plants to include in the diet of children of all ages. Wheatgrass is perfectly safe for children over the age of two to consume. Although the biggest negative, if you can call it that, is the actual taste for children.  As with any change of diet, you should always go by what your body is telling you.  Therefore, if the smell or taste makes them feel sick, hold back and try again in a few weeks’ time. Alternatively, you could always hide a spoonful in their soup or pasta!

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Good luck and look after your little ones too!

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